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Bottom Line Recommendation

There is no reason to buy a lab-grown diamond from Zales when you can get a much better deal at James Allen and Blue Nile (50% price difference!!!). Zales offers an old-school experience. Everything is pre-chosen for you; you cannot pick the diamond; therefore, you don’t know what you’ll receive. All you can do is pick the engagement ring design and the lab diamonds’ carat weight. On top of that, their lab-grown diamonds are overpriced. For that reason, I don’t see any reason to buy from them when you can but from a much more reliable retailer such as this one.

While Zales offers a 2.00 carat F VS2 with a simple solitaire engagement ring for $10,799, you can buy the same grades here for $5,140 (ring included) and see a clear video of the diamond you get.

Table of Contents

When it comes to diamonds, Zales is one of the most famous jewelers in America. They have a wide variety of diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings. But what about their lab-grown diamonds? Are they worth it? In this Zales lab-grown diamond review, we will take a closer look at their pricing, selection, and diamond inspection. You’ll learn precisely why other options, such as this diamond vendor, can be a much better option.

Let’s start.

Zales lab-grown diamonds

To make a long story short, Zales is the traditional jeweler at your local store that you’ve always heard about. Does it mean they are the best place to get the best bang for your buck? Absolutely not. 

If you want a convenient diamond shopping experience, walk into the store, have a staff member helps you out; you can have that at Zales.

If you are the kind of buyer that wants to know more, understand exactly what you pay for, Zales is not for you.

For a start, they are very expensive. Zales belongs to Signet Jewelers, the same company that owns James Allen, yet Zales is more costly. Online stores like James Allen have lower business expenses; they don’t need to pay rent, unlike brick and mortar. This way, they can offer you the same product at a lower price.

Zales outlet front store

Zales lab-grown diamonds selection

Another problem with Zales lab-created diamonds is their limited selection. While James Allen offers around 70,000 different lab-grown diamonds in a wide range of prices and qualities, your local Zales store has limited stock. Usually, from the stores’ sales and revenue standpoint, they know the most efficient diamond quality they should have in stock. For example, if they know most people buy 1.00 carat F VS1 lab-created diamond, there is no reason to have a large stock of 1.00 D VVS1. But what happens if you are interested in that perfect 1.00 VVS1 lab-grown diamond? You’ll have a minimal selection to choose from. By visiting the following link, you can see James Allen offers a vast selection, giving you the option to pick the best one.

Zales lab-grown buying inspection and shopping experience

Whether you plan to buy at Zales online or at the mall, you’ll get pretty much the same old-school experience. Everything is pre-chosen for you; you cannot pick the diamond; therefore, you don’t know what you’ll receive. All you can do is pick the engagement ring design and the lab diamonds’ carat weight. That’s it. Freedom? Pretty limited…

The ability to inspect and examine the diamond you are paying for on their website is, to put it simply, not possible. The only thing they show you is the design you buy, with some sample photos. You CANNOT SEE the diamond you are buying. Likewise, you’ll see a video clip of the product. Don’t get confused; it’s not the diamond you will get. In the same way, you cannot see the diamond certificate.

It’s a pure gamble.

zales lab grown diamonds experience

Buying a diamond blindly? A big No-No for me.

Some customers don’t really care, and I get that. They love their branding, the immediate purchase, knowing they spent X amount of money, and like what they see.

Yet, buying a diamond from James Allen offers you a massive selection of diamonds, with a 360HD video of each one. You can clearly see the difference between each diamond and pick the best one for your budget.

James Allen made it even more straightforward with their new Design Ring studio. You can literally build your own design (or pick an existing one), add a diamond, and you are good to go.

Buying a diamond online can be done in 1-2 days and has never been more simple. If you need my free help, you can reach out here.

Does Zales have fake diamonds?

No. Zales offers a wide range of mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. When shopping for an engagement ring with a center diamond, you’ll receive a certificate from a respected diamond lab such as the GIAIGI, and AGS. You’ll know it’s a legitimate diamond, not a fake one.

Moreover, if you decide to get a halo setting, a pave, or any other engagement ring with composite diamonds, know that these diamonds are real. Usually, they are tiny and used to maximize the beauty and sparkle of the design, but they are not graded. Of course, you can ask if they are mined or lab-created, and the staff would need to give you a clear answer.

Is Zales good for diamonds?

That depends on what you are looking for. If you want a traditional shopping experience, where someone tells you what to buy and how much to spend, Zales is the right place for you. However, if you want more control over your purchase, more information about the diamonds, and a lower price, I suggest looking online.

Who owns Zales jewelry?

Zales Jewelry is owned by Signet Jewelers, a well-respected company with stores such as Jared, Kay, Diamond Direct, James Allen, and others. Its market cap is around 4 billion US dollars, so you know Signet is not going anywhere. If you buy from one of its stores, you can feel safe that no one will disappear with your money. Unlike other companies that pop up and offer you the “deal of your life,” Signet banners have an excellent reputation, and they want to keep it this way.

Zales company history

Zales Jewelry was founded in 1924 by Zale and his wife, Hattie. They started the business in Wichita Falls, Texas, and quickly became a leading retailer of fine jewelry in the United States. In 1961, Zales Jewelers went public on the American Stock Exchange.

In 1984, Zales Jewelers was acquired by Zale Corporation, which was a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Zale Corporation owned several other jewelry companies, such as Bailey Banks & Biddle, Peoples Jewellers, and Piercing Pagoda.

In 2014, Zales Jewelers was acquired by Signet Jewelers, which is the current owner. Signet also owns Jared, Kay, Diamond Direct, James Allen, and other leading jewelry retailers. Zales operates over 700 stores in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Zales Shipping and returns

Zales offers free shipping on all orders within the United States and Puerto Rico. Items usually ship within 24 hours of purchase, and you’ll receive a tracking number via email once your order ships.
All orders above $1,000 require a signature upon delivery, to keep everything safe and protected.

Of course, you can simply pick up your order from the closest Zales store, based on your location.

If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, Zales offers a full refund within 30 days or an exchange within 60 days of purchase. You can return items to any Zales store in the United States or Puerto Rico or ship them back to Zales’ headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Zales customer reviews

Trustpilot, Reddit, and other review sites are mixed. Some people had a great experience buying their lab-grown diamonds from Zales, while others complained about the quality of the diamonds or the customer service. Overall, Zales seems to have a decent traditional brand, but it doesn’t offer the best shopping experience. If you want to get the most bang for your budget, I recommend checking this website.

Website Rating Number of reviews
Trustpilot 2.3 65
Consumer Affairs 3.4 216
Site Jabber 3.5 213

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