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Just a quick note

Hi... Yaniv Here 🙂 !


Ready to buy your diamond? Let me elaborate a little about my special gift for you.

So… this is how it works:

If you end up buying a diamond with my help, I’ll be more than happy to send you a personal gift:

  1. A 3-7 night complimentary vacation
  2. A $500 hotel savings card


Just a few quick things to keep in mind as you pick your dream destination:


  1. Just a heads up, the taxes and fees listed on this page were accurate at the time it was last updated. I can’t guarantee the same rates in the future, but I can promise you that the prices are super affordable!

  2. Don’t forget to click on one of the links I sent you in the recommended diamonds email. This way, I get credit for helping you find the perfect diamond.

  3. After you make your purchase, just shoot me an email or WhatsApp and let me know the order number. Once I verify everything, I’ll get your vacation package to you ASAP!

  4. Let me know what destination you’re interested in, and it’s all yours!

If you buy one of my recommended diamonds without one-on-one help, email me at yaniv@labdiamondsreview.com your order number. Make sure to click here to give me credit for helping you before placing your order. After confirming your order, I’ll send you the gifts right away.

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    Ready to find the right one?

    Your time is valuable,  your money too. Don’t take any risks, let’s do this research together

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