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Grown Brilliance Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | 2024

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Established in late 2021, Grown Brilliance entered the market offering lab-grown diamonds at seemingly unbeatable prices. Although they offer low-cost lab diamonds, their inventory and diamond videos are not good enough to make a safe and informal purchase (for my taste). It’s too good to be true. For that reason, I don’t see any reason to buy from them and risk your money when you can buy from a much more reliable retailer such as this one.

Grown Brilliance’s marketing strategy hinges on what I call “high-risk, high-reward.” In investment parlance, this means seeking higher returns by taking higher risks. For Grown Brilliance, the high risk comes from their unreliable videos and lack of a solid reputation. The high return? A larger diamond at a lower price (red flag).

This pricing strategy serves as bait, luring customers into taking a higher risk in the hopes of landing a “great deal.” It’s a gamble that some might be willing to take, and if that’s you, I wish you luck. However, as a diamond consultant, my advice leans towards caution.

While low prices for quality diamonds may be tempting, the lack of reliability and transparency makes Grown Brilliance a risky choice. If you’re in the market for a diamond, my recommendation is to opt for a more established and trustworthy retailer such as those:

Table of Contents

Is Grown Brilliance legit? This is the burning question many are asking, and our comprehensive review aims to provide the answers. Established in late 2021, Grown Brilliance claims to be a game-changer in the lab-grown diamond industry. But do they deliver on quality? Are their prices truly unbeatable? Dive into our Grown Brilliance review to discover whether this newcomer is a diamond in the rough or a risky gamble.

Key Takeaways About Grown Brilliance Reviews

If you’re just looking for the big takeaways, here’s what you need to know:

  • Establishment and Claims: Grown Brilliance was established in late 2021, claiming to offer unbeatable prices on lab-grown diamonds.

  • High-Risk, High-Reward Strategy: The company employs a risky marketing strategy, offering low prices to lure customers into potentially unreliable deals.

  • Lack of Transparency: Grown Brilliance’s website and product videos lack the necessary details for a safe and informed purchase.

  • Customer Reviews: Both Reddit and Trust Pilot reviews suggest poor customer service, shipping delays, and quality issues, painting a largely negative picture of the company.

  • Business Model: The company seems to act more as a platform for vendors rather than owning the diamonds, adding an extra layer of risk for buyers.

  • Product Offerings: They offer a wide range of lab-grown diamonds and customization options but have inconsistent photography and video representation.

  • Certification and Quality: Diamonds are certified but the company requires contacting customer service to view certificates, adding inconvenience to the buying process.

  • Shipping and Return Policy: Offers complimentary FedEx 2Day shipping in the U.S. and a 45-day return window.

  • Competitive Landscape: Competes with other budget-friendly lab-grown diamond retailers but falls short in transparency and reliability.

  • Expert Advice: The general recommendation is to exercise caution and consider more established and reliable retailers for a safer purchase.

Grown Brilliance: An Overview

Grown Brilliance purports to be a game-changer in the jewelry sector, focusing on ethical, lab-grown diamonds. Yet, a visit to their About Page reveals little more than a claim of 30 years of jewelry industry experience—no details about the company’s identity or efforts to build credibility.

After some investigation, it turns out that Grown Brilliance is the latest venture from a seasoned Indian family with a long-standing history in the natural diamond business. This new website, specializing in lab-grown diamonds, appears to be spearheaded by the family’s younger generation.

Grown Brilliance Business Model

Emerging alongside the lab-grown diamond trend, Grown Brilliance’s primary selling point is its “low-cost” appeal, a message echoed by competitors like Clean Origin and With Clarity. These companies often lack the technology for reliable diamond videos, compensating with environmental claims and irresistible deals to entice buyers.

Grown Brilliance’s marketing leans heavily on a “high-risk, high-reward” strategy. In investment terms, this means greater returns come with higher risks. For Grown Brilliance, the high risk is their unreliable product representation and unproven reputation. The high return? A larger diamond for a smaller price tag.

grown brillinace vs james allen pricing

This low-cost approach acts as a lure, tempting customers to overlook the risks for a “bargain.” While some may be willing to gamble, my role as a diamond consultant advises caution. The potential downsides of dealing with an unverified seller outweigh any cost benefits.

Grown Brilliance Marketing: The Ethical Choice

Marketing plays a significant role when spending thousands on a diamond, and Grown Brilliance is no exception. While I support the ethical message, it shouldn’t come at the expense of financial risk. Companies like Brilliant Earth back their claims with initiatives like their Capture collection, which genuinely benefits the environment.

brilliant earth capture collection of ethical diamonds
The Capture Collection by Brilliant Earth

We capture CO₂ from the atmosphere to create the most ethical lab grown diamonds on the planet.

If ethical sourcing is your priority, ensure you’re purchasing from a reliable seller that provides trustworthy videos for each diamond. Ultimately, you should feel confident that what you see online is what you’ll receive.

Grown Brilliance's Product Offerings

Grown Brilliance provides a wide array of products, from engagement rings to fine jewelry, all featuring lab-grown diamonds. They also offer customization options, allowing you to select your preferred carat weight, metal type, and diamond setting.

Grown Brilliance Lab Grown Diamonds Inventory

As of today, Grown Brilliance lists around 96,500 diamonds on their website, varying sizes from 0.50 to 21.45 carats. Approximately 36,000 of these diamonds are “In Stock,” meaning they can ship within 1-2 days, excluding the time needed for crafting the engagement ring.

The inventory covers classic shapes and includes colors from I to D, as well as clarity grades from SI1 to IF. Of these, 5,730 diamonds are GIA lab-grown, 114 are GCAL certified, and the rest are IGI-graded. (1, 2, 3)

Grown Brilliance Lab-Grown Diamonds Pricing

In the budget-friendly segment of the lab-grown diamond market, Grown Brilliance finds itself alongside similar competitors like Ritani, Clean Origin, and With Clarity. We’ll examine which brand offers the most cost-effective options. For a fair comparison, all selected diamonds have E color, VS1 clarity, and a triple X cut. The focus is on the lowest price within this range, rather than aesthetic appeal.

Grown Brilliance With Clarity Ritani Clean Origin
0.50 ct E VS1 out of stock $405.00 $247.52 $402.00
0.75 ct E VS1 $525.00 $732.00 $400.00 $698.00
1.00 ct E VS1 $1,040.00 $1,136.00 $629.20 $824.00
1.50 ct E VS1 out of stock $1,899.00 $997.36 $1,419.00
2.00 ct E VS1 $3,235.00 $2,706.00 $1,532.96 $2,330.00
2.50 ct E VS1 $4,350.00 $1,800.00 $1,915.68 $2,913.00

Not that I recommend any of the retailers in this price comparison, but you can clearly see that Ritani is the most affordable company in the low-cost lab-created diamonds market, leaving Grown Brilliance far behind with a 30%-60% price difference.

Grown Brilliance Shopping Experience

Website Experience

Diamond Gallery

Taking a cue from Picasso’s famous quote, “good artists copy, great artists steal,” Grown Brilliance’s design team seems to have borrowed heavily from Brilliant Earth’s clean, minimalist layout. While they’ve executed their version well, the user experience falls short when it comes to their diamond search engine.

grown brilliance website experience review

The issue lies in the inability to view diamonds directly in the search gallery. It’s akin to diamond shopping in the ’90s—you see the grades but not the diamonds themselves. To actually view each diamond, you must open individual listings, a tedious and inconvenient user experience.

Grown Brilliance review of diamond gallery

This issue isn’t unique to Grown Brilliance; displaying numerous diamond images and videos can slow down a website. However, solutions exist. Brilliant Earth, for example, allows thumbnail previews on their search page. James Allen and Blue Nile go a step further, offering a full gallery, thanks to robust server capabilities.

grown brilliance review of diamond gallery vs james allen

Lab-Grown Diamonds Certificates

I like a fast and easy buying process. However, one aspect of their service that I find less than ideal is the requirement to contact customer service to view a diamond’s certificate. This means you can’t immediately determine whether the lab-grown diamond is CVD or HPHT, nor can you assess its cut measurements without first reaching out for the certificate. This adds an unnecessary layer of time and effort to the shopping experience.

grown brilliance review of user experience - not good

One might wonder why Grown Brilliance employs this approach. My hypothesis is that, unlike James Allen and Blue Nile, they don’t actually own the diamonds they list. Rather, they serve as a platform for vendors to showcase their inventory. In this scenario, vendors can list their diamonds across multiple outlets. Providing easy access to certificates would enable customers to search for the same diamond outside of Grown Brilliance, potentially finding it at a more competitive price.

Grown Brilliance Inconsistent Photography

The inherent risk in online diamond shopping is the need to trust what you see, making it a gamble. This leads us to another issue: inconsistent photography. Grown Brilliance’s gallery features diamonds under varying lighting and white balance settings, making it impossible to accurately gauge a diamond’s true color. Also, you cannot compare different diamond colors and pick the best one. It’s a gamble, to say the least.

grown brilliance review of inconsistent videos

Even when diamonds are filmed using the same technology, variations in background color indicate inconsistent lighting and white balance. This makes it difficult to gauge the diamond’s actual color. For instance, diamonds graded as ‘F color’ can vary, especially in CVD lab diamonds, which may show strong bluish to yellowish tints. Do you feel comfortable enough to pay with that risk in mind?

F colorless with yellow and bluish tint

Conversely, this retailer provides a more reliable shopping experience by offering consistent videos across their entire inventory. Utilizing natural lighting, they enable customers to accurately assess the true color of each diamond. This consistency allows for a more straightforward comparison, helping you select the best diamond for your needs.

Grown Brilliance Reviews

A crucial step in evaluating Grown Brilliance is to examine customer feedback from independent platforms. This is essential because reviews on the company’s own website may be curated to show only the positive experiences, potentially sweeping any negative feedback under the rug.

GrownBrilliance.com Reddit Reviews

The Reddit community has voiced strong concerns about Grown Brilliance, painting a picture that’s far from flattering. A recurring theme is the lack of reliable customer service. Users like ConsequencePutrid766 and Fewofafew have had issues with repairs, with the former experiencing the same repair twice within just six months of purchase. (1)

Shipping delays are another major grievance. Gutz22G and WarSnake97 both reported multiple delays in shipping dates, with little to no communication from the company. The frustration is palpable, as these users feel they’ve been left in the dark with no updates.

grown brilliance reddit review 1

Jackofdiamonds0 adds a layer of caution, pointing out that the company is relatively new. This user warns that the diamond industry is volatile, with companies frequently appearing and disappearing, sometimes leaving customers stranded.

Overall, the Reddit reviews suggest that Grown Brilliance has significant room for improvement in customer service, reliability, and transparency. The experiences shared are overwhelmingly negative, advising potential customers to proceed with caution or avoid the company altogether.

GrownBrilliance.com Trust Pilot Reviews

Grown Brilliance has a Trust Pilot rating of 2.7, and the reviews there echo similar concerns raised on Reddit. Joshua Paek had a particularly harrowing experience, describing the company as having “horrible people, customer service, morals, products, etc.” He purchased a tennis bracelet that broke twice, and the company refused to honor their warranty after he had it repaired locally. (1)

Sarah Linnegar and Rachel Kim both had issues with undisclosed fees and poor customer service. Sarah was charged an international transaction fee that wasn’t disclosed, while Rachel faced accusations of not returning a free gift, leading to an additional charge.

grown brilliance reviews on trustpilot

Jennifer Dalton and Heather Jonas had warranty and repair issues. Jennifer’s ring had a loose stone within a month, but the company refused to fix it, claiming she had it “serviced” elsewhere. Heather had to wait five weeks for a repair and had to chase the company multiple times to get her earrings back.

grown brilliance review on trustpilot

Overall, the Trust Pilot reviews suggest that Grown Brilliance has significant issues with customer service, product quality, and transparency. The experiences shared are overwhelmingly negative, reinforcing the need for potential customers to exercise caution.

Grown Brilliant Policies

Grown Brilliance Shipping Policy

Grown Brilliance provides complimentary FedEx 2Day shipping for orders within the U.S., covering both in-stock and custom-made items. For Canadian orders, a flat shipping fee of $25 applies. Custom items usually take about two weeks to manufacture before they’re ready for shipment

Grown Brilliance Return Policy

If you need to make a return, Grown Brilliance offers a 45-day return window, complete with free FedEx return shipping. To start the return process, simply reach out to Grown Brilliance within the 45-day period to receive a return shipping label.

After your returned item has been received and inspected, expect your refund to be processed within a week. This straightforward return policy aims to give you peace of mind, underscoring Grown Brilliance’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Grown Brilliance vs. Competitors

Grown Brilliance is a part of the emerging landscape of affordable lab-created diamond retailers, often sharing the stage with companies from India and China such as Clean Origin, With Clarity, and Ritani. These firms usually focus on their local markets but also make inroads into the U.S. sector.

To compensate for their mediocre diamond videos, these companies often set their prices lower, a strategy that contrasts sharply with the high-quality videography of industry leaders like James Allen and Blue Nile. They also often mimic Brilliant Earth’s visual aesthetics and marketing strategies.

Based on my experience, customers are generally divided into two categories: those enticed by the allure of a “great deal” despite the risks, and those who opt for the reliability and peace of mind provided by more reputable brands like Blue Nile or James Allen.

Tips for Shopping with Grown Brilliance

If you’re considering taking the risk with Grown Brilliance’s less-than-reliable videos, I have some consolidated tips to help you make a more informed decision. While I don’t endorse this approach, these pointers could mitigate some risks:

  • Aim for D Color Grade: Both CVD and HPHT lab diamonds can have color tints, but CVD diamonds rarely achieve a D color grade. By aiming for D, you’re more likely to get an HPHT diamond, which minimizes the risk of yellowish or bluish tints.

  • Opt for a Minimum of VS1 Clarity: Given Grown Brilliance’s budget-friendly pricing, there’s no reason to go below a VS1 clarity grade. This will increase your chances of selecting a diamond that’s eye-clean and free from visible inclusions.

Conclusion - My Personal Experience

In summary, Grown Brilliance offers low-cost lab-grown diamonds, but the risks seem to outweigh the benefits. The company’s lack of transparency and inconsistent product quality are concerning. 

Negative reviews on Reddit and Trust Pilot further highlight these risks, advising potential buyers to proceed with caution. If you’re seeking a lab-grown diamond, established retailers with solid reputations offer a safer bet. 

While the allure of a “great deal on loose diamonds” may be tempting, it’s crucial to exercise due diligence. Investing in a diamond is significant, so opt for a more reliable and transparent shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of Grown Brilliance diamonds varies, offering a range of certified options from GIA, GCAL, and IGI. These diamonds come in multiple shapes and are graded from I to D in color and SI1 to IF in clarity.

While Grown Brilliance operates as a legal entity, its legitimacy is called into question by numerous customer reviews and expert analyses. The company has garnered a less-than-stellar reputation for customer service, product quality, and transparency, as evidenced by its low Trust Pilot rating and negative Reddit reviews.

The founder of Grown Brilliance is Akshie Jhaveri, who hails from a third-generation jeweler family in Mumbai. The business is officially registered as AJS Creations LLC.

Grown Brilliance aims to disrupt the jewelry market with its focus on lab-grown diamonds. The company positions itself as a budget-friendly option, offering a wide range of various diamond jewelry designs, shapes, sizes, and grades. However, their “high-risk, high-reward” marketing strategy has raised concerns about the reliability and quality of their offerings.

Grown Brilliance is registered in Delaware (US) under the legal name AJS Creations LLC. It has four showrooms across the country, in New York, Texas, Pennsylvania and Florida.

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