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My Bottom Line Recommendation

Ritani dominates the low-cost lab-grown diamonds market with too good to be true unbeatable prices. While they do have very affordable options, the quality of their inventory and videos falls short for making a secure and well-informed purchase (for my taste). For that reason, I think you shouldn’t risk your money when you can get your diamond from a much more reliable retailer such as this one.

Ritani offers you to play the “high-risk, high-reward” game. This strategy aims for bigger profits but comes with greater risks. With Ritani, the risks stem from their unreliable videos and weak reputation. The payoff? Bigger diamond for less money, which should raise a red flag.

Their pricing is essentially a lure, tempting customers to take greater risks for the promise of a “great deal.” If you’re willing to roll the dice, best of luck. However, my professional advice is to exercise caution.

Despite the allure of low prices, Ritani’s lack of transparency makes them a dicey choice. If you’re shopping for a diamond, my recommendation is to choose a more established and trustworthy retailer like those:

ritani review of inconsistent videos

Table of Contents

Is Ritani a reliable choice for your diamond and fine jewelry needs? If you’re pondering this question, you’ve landed on the right page. In our in-depth Ritani reviews, we’ll scrutinize critical aspects of this brand, from its reputation in the diamond industry to its diverse diamond inventory and customer experience. Like you, we’re keen to know: Does Ritani truly offer quality diamonds, or is their appealing price tag masking potential pitfalls? Continue reading to uncover the real story behind Ritani in the diamond industry.

Key Takeaways About Ritani Reviews

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the need-to-know:

  • Ritani focuses on offering low-cost, lab-grown diamonds, competing with similar brands like Clean Origin and With Clarity.

  • The company employs a high-risk, high-reward marketing strategy that offers bigger diamonds at lower prices but lacks reliable diamond videos.

  • Ritani’s “Diamond Cost Breakdown” commits to transparency by disclosing wholesale and retail pricing, going against typical industry norms.

  • The brand attracts risk-takers but poses credibility issues, being compared unfavorably to more reliable platforms like Blue Nile and James Allen.

  • Ritani boasts a large inventory of lab-grown diamonds but lacks quality control and doesn’t offer videos for all their listings.

  • Their online shopping experience is described as outdated and inefficient, with a cluttered diamond gallery and laggy performance.

  • Issues of inconsistent diamond photography make the buying experience risky, particularly due to unreliable lighting and white balance settings in videos.

  • Ritani’s unique feature allows in-store previews, but these come with limitations such as only one diamond ring for viewing and variability in the quality of partnered viewing locations.

  • Customer reviews on Reddit and Trustpilot are mixed, indicating inconsistencies in product quality and customer service, and even raising suspicions of deceptive practices.

Ritani's Background and Reputation

Established in 2012 by the Julius Klein Group, a DeBeers Sightholder, Ritani swiftly carved out a niche for itself in the competitive diamond industry. With an ambition to rival established brands like James Allen and Blue Nile, Ritani focused on offering an extensive array of loose diamonds and engagement rings. Their unique business model combines online and offline diamond shopping, allowing customers to preview diamonds in local showrooms after designing engagement rings online.

This hybrid retail approach partners Ritani with select local jewelers and WeWork locations, creating a nationwide network of authorized showrooms. While the business model aims to meet the needs of both online and physical store shoppers, the actual experience may differ based on the specific showroom’s environment and service offerings.

In 2014, Forbes recognized Ritani among its top 40 most promising companies, cementing its presence in the competitive diamond district. However, hindsight reveals that James Allen and Blue Nile have outperformed Ritani, especially in terms of online experience, video quality, and their own expansive network of showrooms across the country.

Ritani review of user experience

Ritani Low-Cost Business Model

Riding the wave of the lab-grown diamond industry, Ritani sets itself apart with its focus on being the cheapest option, controlling the low-cost niche. This echoes similar strategies from rivals like Clean Origin and With Clarity, who also lack the means for consistent diamond videos but offer eco-friendly claims and tempting deals instead.

In the marketing arena, Ritani embraces a high-risk, high-reward model. Translated into simpler terms, you stand to get a bigger diamond at a lower cost, but there’s a catch. The high-risk element for Ritani specifically rests on their unreliable diamond videos, a crucial aspect that buyers should consider when buying online, especially without any experience.

Their “Diamond Cost Breakdown” outlines their commitment to transparency, going against industry norms by disclosing wholesale and retail pricing as well as other associated costs. It’s a refreshing take, breaking away from more opaque business models in the jewelry industry.

ritani review of Diamond Cost Breakdown

This low-cost approach works as a magnet for risk-takers who are lured by the prospect of savings. However, as a diamond consultant, I advise caution. The perils of transacting with a seller whose credibility is not yet proven often outweigh the monetary savings.

Ritani has turned into the AliExpress of the diamond industry—great for bargain hunters but not for those seeking quality diamond shopping experience. You can scour sites like Rare Carat and With Clarity, find a diamond you like, then discover it cheaper on the Ritani website by using its certificate number. While some find this thrifty approach appealing, it’s not for me. I’d rather pay more for the reliability and post-purchase support that industry giants like Blue Nile and James Allen offer. They are the Amazon of online diamond shopping, whereas Ritani has become a cheaper, less reliable alternative.

Ritani Diamond Inventory

Ritani Lab-Grown Diamonds

Ritani claims a sizable inventory of 165,728 lab-grown diamonds, but there’s a transparency issue—they don’t allow you to filter listings that include videos. While they technically offer one of the largest lab-grown diamond selections worldwide, the lack of videos hurts their credibility. Buying a diamond without a quality video is essentially shopping blind, an outdated approach. Hence, I find it hard to credit their large inventory; a diamond without a video might as well be invisible.

Their offerings range from a modest 0.15 carat D VS1 diamond to an impressive 20.46 carat G VS1. The available colors span from L to D, and clarities range from SI2 to IF. Their stock includes 3,064 DF-certified, 2,082 GCAL-certified, 8,835 GIA-certified, and 152,247 IGI lab-grown diamonds. Unique to Ritani, they let you filter by the diamond’s growth method—either HPHT or CVD. (1, 2, 3)

A notable shortcoming with Ritani is their lax quality control for lab-grown diamonds. Unlike Blue Nile and James Allen, who own and oversee their diamonds, Ritani allows any wholesaler to list. This means there’s no screening for quality, diminishing brilliance and sparkle.

To sum up, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to inventory. A carefully curated selection of 20,000 top-tier lab-grown diamonds would offer more value than wading through an overwhelming pool of 165,728 options.

Ritani Natural Diamonds

In my most recent review, Ritani lists 197,265 natural diamonds. But there’s a transparency hiccup: we can’t filter to see how many have videos. So, this hefty number could well be inflated.

Natural diamonds from Ritani are on par with those from Blue Nile and James Allen in terms of authenticity and quality, catering to various tastes like SI or VS grades and different color levels. The key concern lies in assessing Ritani’s reliability as a retailer and the fairness of their pricing.

Certification and Grading Standards

When it comes to authenticity, Ritani’s natural diamonds are on par with those from Blue Nile and James Allen. They come with AGSL and GIA certifications and vary in quality based on your preferences, whether SI or VS, nearly colorless or colorless. The main question centers on Ritani’s credibility in customer experience and pricing fairness to other diamonds.

The AGS Scintillation Report, often used as a marketing tool by Ritani, provides customers with additional information on the diamond’s light performance.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability

Ritani takes a strong stance on ethical sourcing and sustainability in the jewelry industry, offering conflict-free diamonds in their lineup, including their Ritani Reserve diamonds. They also provide environmentally friendly lab-grown diamond options, allowing customers to make conscientious choices.

Committed to the Kimberly Process certifications, Ritani emphasizes responsible and sustainable practices in manufacturing process, reinforcing their commitment to ethical sourcing in the jewelry sector.

Customization and Design Options

Ritani understands that customization is key when selecting diamond jewelry, particularly an engagement ring. Their user-friendly create-your-own-ring feature offers a wide array of settings and metals, allowing customers to design their own handcrafted piece. Whether you’re looking for your first engagement ring or adding to your diamond ring collection, Ritani’s options ensure that your center stone and overall design are uniquely tailored to your taste.

Among their design options, Ritani offers several collections that cater to different styles of ritani engagement rings.

  • The Romantique Collection features antique-style designs with hand-carved Grecian leaf motifs.

  • The Bella Vita Collection showcases halo engagement rings with a center stone surrounded by round melees.

  • The Ritani Masterwork collection highlights the most remarkable works crafted by Ritani’s master designers over the years.

ritani custom engagement ring

Ritani Online Shopping Experience and In-store Preview

Ritani boasts a “Clicks and Bricks” model, attempting to merge the worlds of online and offline diamond shopping. Let’s dissect their approach, starting with their online experience and then moving to the in-store preview.

Website Experience

Shopping for an engagement ring or a loose diamond should feel luxurious. Brilliant Earth gets that, offering a premium experience that makes you want to buy that diamond. Ritani? Imagine a stale website stuck in the early 2000s. Don’t accuse me of being too harsh—Ritani stocks products you’d find on AliExpress. No one wants AliExpress vibes when investing in diamonds. (1, 2)

ritani is the aliexpress of online diamonds

Their diamond gallery is a cluttered mess. Every diamond features the same stock image. Want to see the real deal? Hover the mouse and wait for it to load. It’s an inconvenient, time-sucking exercise.

It’s not just a Ritani problem; video-heavy sites can be slow. But solutions exist. Take Brilliant Earth—they offer thumbnail previews. James Allen and Blue Nile level up, offering a full gallery thanks to their top-notch servers.

Their filter system is a hassle, to say the least. You have to painstakingly open each filter and tweak the settings. The website’s laggy performance compounds the annoyance. When you’re diamond shopping, especially online, the process should be smooth and efficient. Ritani fails miserably in this regard.

ritani filters website review

Ritani Inconsistent Photography

Exploring the online diamond market is fraught with complexities, often requiring a leap of faith due to inconsistent visual representations. A case in point is Ritani, where the lack of uniformity in their diamond photography essentially turns the purchasing experience into a gamble. The gallery on their website displays diamonds under multiple lighting conditions and with varied white balance settings, making it extraordinarily difficult to ascertain a diamond’s genuine color. In this scenario, buyers are virtually gambling on what they’re actually going to receive.

why is ritani so cheap

Further complicating matters, even when diamonds are filmed using similar technologies, the inconsistent background colors reveal unreliable lighting and white balance settings. This becomes especially concerning for diamonds labeled as ‘F color,’ which can fluctuate greatly in appearance—especially for CVD lab diamonds that may show strong bluish to yellowish hues. It raises a serious question: is such a substantial financial investment worth taking on this level of risk?

On the flip side, this retailer elevates the online shopping experience by delivering uniform videos for their complete product range. By leveraging natural lighting, they empower customers to correctly determine the authentic color of each diamond. Such consistency paves the way for easier comparisons, aiding you in making an informed selection for your diamond needs.

Offline Experience: In-Store Preview

Ritani emphasizes their unique feature of allowing customers to preview a chosen diamond at a local jeweler. While this sounds good on paper, it comes with its own set of issues.

First, you’re limited to inspecting a single diamond ring. You can’t request multiple diamonds to compare in person, which is critical for evaluating sparkle, color, and clarity. You’re essentially forced to make a choice based on their unreliable online videos, posing a financial risk I can’t endorse.

Second, the viewing locations are not owned by Ritani but are partnerships with local jewelers and coworking spaces like WeWork and Regus. This means that your diamond shopping experience may differ, contingent on the specific showroom’s atmosphere and service offerings.

Contrary to Ritani’s assertion of uniqueness in blending online and offline experiences, competitors like James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brilliant Earth are already doing this. For instance, James Allen leverages its sister company, Kay Jewelers, to provide in-store services nationwide. This includes not only pre-purchase customer service but also post-purchase offerings like diamond cleaning and polishing.

brilliant earth showroom review
Brilliant Earth Showroom

Customer Support and Expert Assistance

Despite any reservations about Ritani, it’s important to acknowledge their strong customer support infrastructure:

  • Live chat featuring knowledgeable gemologists

  • Available phone and email support

  • Comprehensive Education Center tailored for beginners

  • Virtual Gemologist service for tailored diamond advice

Customers have the option to select up to four lab-created diamonds and consult with an a diamond expert. The professional will provide balanced insights into the pros and cons of each diamond, along with complimentary access to videos, images, and analyses.

Ritani Pricing and Value Comparison

As earlier pointed out, Ritani has carved a niche for itself in the low-cost lab-grown diamond market, thanks to higher profit margins. However, this pricing advantage doesn’t carry over to their natural diamonds. To get a fuller picture, we’ll compare Ritani’s competitive pricing and video transparency issues against industry front-runners like James Allen and Blue Nile, covering both lab-grown and natural diamonds.

Furthermore, we’ll evaluate how Ritani’s diamonds really stacks up against budget-conscious rivals like Rare Carat and Whiteflash, specifically in the lab-grown diamond arena. This side-by-side comparison aims to clarify whether Ritani’s diamond offerings genuinely offer good value, especially when compared to competitors like James Allen who also operate physical stores.

Natural Diamonds: Ritani vs. James Allen | Ritani vs. Blue Nile

All loose round diamonds share the same grades, GIA certified, triple X with no fluorescence:

Ritani James Allen Blue Nile
0.50 Carat E VS1 $1,263.60 $1,210.00 $1,340.00
1.00 Carat E VS1 $7,029.36 $6,610.00 $7,370.00
1.50 Carat E VS1 $14,378.00 $14,310.00 $14,650.00
2.00 Carat E VS1 $28,841.28 $29,720.00 $31,730.00
2.50 Carat E VS1 $55,753.36 $42,960.00 $49,360.00
3.00 Carat E VS1 $75,114.00 $68,840.00 $86,270.00

As indicated in the above table, Ritani provides natural diamonds at a competitive rate. However, James Allen edges them out with better prices, superior customer support and a better user experience. Relying on Ritani’s horrible and unreliable videos to make a purchase, even with a $1,000 price difference, is a risk that’s not advisable. While Blue Nile may command higher prices due to their brand reputation, they offer a level of reliability that ensures you get exactly what you see in their videos, mitigating the risk of getting ripped off.

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Ritani vs. James Allen | Ritani vs. Blue Nile

In this Ritani review and pricing comparison, we have to ask ourselves: what are we willing to give up for a good deal? A deal isn’t really good if you don’t know what you’re getting. Poor-quality videos don’t help you know what you’re paying for. On the other hand, trusted names like James Allen and Blue Nile might be more expensive, but at least you know you’re not getting tricked.

Ritani Blue Nile James Allen
0.5 Carat D VS1 $213.00 $590.00 $520.00
1.00 Carat D VS1 $588.12 $1,490.00 $1,310.00
1.50 Carat D VS1 $1,086.80 $2,630.00 $2,310.00
2.00 Carat D VS1 $1,809.60 $4,640.00 $4,080.00
2.50 Carat D VS1 $3,583.84 $8,210.00 $6,870.00
3.00 Carat D VS1 $5,921.76 $12,690.00 $11,160.00

Lab-Grown Diamonds: Ritani vs. Rare Carat | Ritani vs. Whiteflash

The low-cost diamond market is interesting to look at. It aims at buyers who care more about price than certainty. Both Ritani and Rare Carat say they offer “transparency,” but their poor videos say otherwise.

Whiteflash, however, is a different story. They’re known for high-quality natural diamonds and recently stepped into the lab-grown market. Instead of going head-to-head with James Allen or Blue Nile on pricing, they’ve chosen to be budget-friendly.

If you can overlook video quality for a better price, my recommendation is Whiteflash. They have a solid reputation and won’t let you down, which is more than can be said for Rare Carat or Ritani.

Ritani Rare Carat Whiteflash
0.5 Carat D VS1 $213.00 $350.00 out of stock
1.00 Carat D VS1 $588.12 $919.00 $916.00
1.50 Carat D VS1 $1,086.80 $1,615.00 $1,551.00
2.00 Carat D VS1 $1,809.60 $2,870.00 $2,295.00
2.50 Carat D VS1 $3,583.84 $4,715.00 $4,205.00
3.00 Carat D VS1 $5,921.76 $7,447.00 $7,043.00

Shipping Policy, Return Policy, and Warranty

Navigating the complexities of online shopping, Ritani offers several policies intended to streamline the customer experience. For shipping within the US, the company includes a shipping label for straightforward tracking. This aims to provide customers with a timely and secure delivery process.

While Ritani’s shipping is geared for convenience, they also feature a 30-day return policy. This risk-free option provides a window for customers to reassess their purchases, such as an engagement ring, and return them if not completely satisfied.

As for warranties, Ritani offers a lifetime guarantee on their products. However, it’s crucial for customers to weigh this against their specific needs and preferences. Combined, these policies form part of Ritani’s approach to customer service, aimed at facilitating a more manageable shopping process.

Post-Purchase Services and Maintenance

Expanding on its product and customer service offerings, Ritani provides a suite of post-purchase services aimed at the upkeep of diamond jewelry. Among these are complimentary annual rhodium replating and caring tips, intended to help maintain the item’s original color diamond luster.

Beyond general maintenance, Ritani offers complimentary shipping to military addresses (APO, FPO, DPO), broadening their customer service scope. They also extend their post-purchase support to include care for precious metals, aiming to keep jewelry in good condition over time.

While these post-purchase features are designed to add value, customers should consider their individual needs to assess whether these services are beneficial for them.

Ritani Reviews

Examining customer reviews on independent platforms is an important factor in assessing Ritani. This approach offers a more balanced view, as testimonials on the company’s own website could be selectively displayed to highlight only positive thing and experiences, potentially overshadowing any negative feedback.

Ritani Reddit Reviews

The Reddit community offers a mixed bag of reviews for Ritani, creating a nuanced picture. A recurring issue centers on the inconsistent quality of ring settings. Users like swuser7 and AngieCar94 have criticized Ritani for uneven and bulky designs, particularly in their cheaper ranges. (1, 2)

Customer service also sees divided opinions. While sunflowers-and-love praises their shipping and pricing, Open-Nerve-2472 had a “nightmare” with communication during an exchange process. This divergence indicates variability in customer service quality.

ritani setting review on reddit

On a more alarming note, thermodynamicMD raises suspicions about possible bait-and-switch tactics employed by Ritani. This user had an unsettling experience where the same diamond was listed as unavailable, only to reappear for purchase, which calls the company’s integrity into question.

Summing it up, the Reddit reviews show that while Ritani has its merits, caution is advised due to inconsistent product quality and customer service. The reviews range from praising reasonable prices to warning against potential deceptive practices, suggesting potential buyers tread carefully.

ritani bad review on reddit

Ritani.com Trustpilot Reviews

With a Trustpilot rating of 3.6, Ritani shows a blend of experiences that lean toward the problematic. One glaring concern comes from their “buyback program.” Poonam Barua’s scathing review reveals a massive discrepancy between the original purchase price of her diamond and the buyback offer, an issue that shakes faith in the company’s fairness. (1)

Price inconsistency is another point of contention. Rollin notes how the website’s pricing fluctuates when browsing incognito and criticizes the ineffectiveness of the emailed coupon codes. The dubious pricing behavior further fuels skepticism about the company’s legitimacy.

ritani review on trustpilot

Issues with product quality and customer service are also rife. Zmanera and Mat B both raise concerns over inadequate stone matching and protracted repair/resizing times, particularly for Canadian customers. These problems highlight lapses in Ritani’s quality control and customer support.

Furthermore, egregious errors like shipping incorrect items or employing bait-and-switch tactics, as voiced by Traveler and Erick Young, dent the brand’s credibility severely.

In summary, Trustpilot reviews for Ritani underscore significant areas for improvement, notably in fair pricing, product quality, and customer service. The accounts suggest that prospective buyers should approach Ritani with caution, as the experiences are quite inconsistent and often not favorable.

ritani review policy on trustpilot

Ritani Reviews Summary


  • Rating: 3.6, indicating mixed experiences but leaning toward problematic.

  • Buy Back Program: Poonam Barua reports a massive discrepancy in the buyback offer compared to the original price, shaking faith in fairness.

  • Pricing Inconsistency: Rollin observes fluctuating prices and ineffective coupon codes, fueling skepticism about legitimacy.

  • Product Quality & Customer Service: Zmanera and Mat B complain of mismatched stones and long repair times, highlighting lapses in quality control.

  • Bait and Switch Tactics: Traveler and Erick Young voice concerns over erroneous shipments and deceitful sales techniques.


  • Inconsistent Quality: Users swuser7 and AngieCar94 criticize uneven and bulky ring designs, particularly in cheaper ranges.

  • Varied Customer Service: sunflowers-and-love praises shipping and pricing, while Open-Nerve-2472 experiences communication issues.

  • Bait and Switch Suspicions: thermodynamicMD raises concerns over potentially deceptive practices, such as listing unavailable diamonds.

In summary, both Trustpilot and Reddit reviews signal caution for potential Ritani customers. The company faces challenges in pricing fairness, product quality, and customer service.

Expert Tips for Buying from Ritani engagement rings

Before purchasing from Ritani, it would be beneficial to heed some expert advice to ensure maximum value and quality for your money, as you’re looking for a high-quality piece of jewelry, not some cheap pendant. One important tip is to be cautious of DF-graded diamonds, as these diamonds are not graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and may not be accurately graded or of the same specifications as expected quality.

To verify the cut quality of a diamond, make use of Ritani’s imaging tools, such as the Diamond Finder and Diamond Visualizer. These tools allow you to observe the diamond from multiple perspectives and gain a better understanding of its cut quality, ensuring you’re making an informed decision.

Finally, in light of all the data and negative reviews we’ve explored, you may want to consider buying just a loose diamond from Ritani and then turning to a reputable local jeweler for the setting. Ritani’s craftsmanship has been called into question numerous times, particularly regarding their engagement rings. While you can capitalize on their competitive pricing for loose diamonds, it would be prudent to ensure the stone is set in a high-quality setting by a trusted jeweler.

Conclusion - My Personal Experience

In conclusion, Ritani presents itself as a budget-friendly option in the diamond industry, but this comes with its own set of risks and shortcomings. The company’s large inventory doesn’t necessarily translate to quality or reliability, with a notable lack of video presentations and inconsistent quality control.

Their website experience lags behind industry standards, making for a cumbersome online shopping journey. Additionally, the ‘Clicks and Bricks’ model falls short of its promise, offering limited in-person previewing options. Customer reviews present a mixed picture, highlighting concerns over deceptive pricing, potential bait-and-switch tactics, and variable customer service. Therefore, while Ritani might attract bargain hunters, those seeking a quality diamond experience should proceed with caution and consider more reliable alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Ritani lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds and certified by legitimate grading labs such as the GIA. Offering the same sparkle and brilliance as natural diamonds at a fraction of the cost, they are featured almost as prominently as mined diamonds in Ritani’s selection.

Based on Reddit and Trustpilot reviews, Ritani’s settings appear to have inconsistent quality. While some customers have had positive experiences, others criticize the settings for being uneven and bulky, particularly in the lower-priced ranges. Given these mixed reviews, it’s advisable to approach Ritani with caution when considering their ring settings.

Ritani’s low prices are a result of targeting the low-cost niche in the lab-grown diamond market. Their high-risk, high-reward marketing strategy aims to attract customers with the prospect of a bigger diamond at a lower cost. This comes with trade-offs, like unreliable diamond videos, making it a riskier option. They further separate themselves by offering a transparent “Diamond Cost Breakdown,” appealing to bargain hunters at the expense of consistent quality and reliability.

Ritani is good for those on a budget, offering some of the cheapest lab-grown diamonds in the market. However, this cost-saving comes with a trade-off in the form of unreliable diamond videos and less proven credibility. If you’re a risk-taker attracted to the idea of potentially landing a deal, Ritani diamonds may be worth considering. But if quality and reliability are paramount for you, other established brands may be more suitable.


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