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Discover our premium .50 carat diamond collection, curated from the top 3% in the industry for unparalleled quality and value. Perfectly affordable, these half-carat diamonds are the favored choice for engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings, offering both classic round cuts and unique fancy shapes. Elevate their radiance with an Ideal or premium cut, ensuring each piece captivates with its brilliance and elegance.

Frequently Asked Questions​

The value of a 0.5 carat diamond can vary widely based on several factors, including its cut, color, clarity, and overall quality. On average, a 0.5 carat diamond can range from $480 to $3,400. High-quality diamonds with excellent cuts, color grades (D-F), and clarity grades (IF-VVS2) are on the higher end of this range, while diamonds with lower grades may be less expensive.

Yes, a 0.5 carat diamond is considered a good size for many jewelry pieces, including engagement rings. It offers a balance between visibility and affordability, making it a popular choice for those seeking a beautiful yet budget-friendly diamond. When well-cut, a 0.5 carat diamond can appear larger and more brilliant.

The value of a 0.5 carat diamond is determined by its quality based on the 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). Generally, the price can range from $480 to $3,400. Premium quality diamonds with higher grades in cut, color, and clarity will command higher prices, while diamonds with lower grades may be more affordable.

A 0.5 carat diamond is often perceived as small, especially when compared to larger diamonds. However, its actual size and visual impact depend significantly on the diamond’s cut and setting. A well-cut 0.5 carat diamond can have excellent brilliance and appear more substantial, making it a desirable option for various jewelry designs.

A 0.5 carat diamond typically measures about 5.1 millimeters in diameter, whereas a 1 carat diamond measures approximately 6.5 millimeters in diameter. While a 1 carat diamond is roughly 50% larger in diameter, it appears significantly larger due to the increased surface area and overall volume. The difference in visual size is noticeable, making the 1 carat diamond appear more prominent compared to the 0.5 carat diamond.

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