Rare Carat Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | Nov 2023 Experience

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Bottom Line Recommendation Recently Rare Carat changed its business model and joined the big boys’ online competition, along with big names such as James Allen, Blue Nile, and Brilliant Earth. Although sometimes they offer competitive prices, their inventory and diamond videos are not good enough to make a safe purchase (for my taste). For that reason, […]

Zales Lab-Grown Diamonds Review: Are they legit? | 2023 Experience

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Bottom Line Recommendation There is no reason to buy a lab-grown diamond from Zales when you can get a much better deal at James Allen and Blue Nile (50% price difference!!!). Zales offers an old-school experience. Everything is pre-chosen for you; you cannot pick the diamond; therefore, you don’t know what you’ll receive. All you can […]

HPHT vs CVD: Which Lab-Grown Diamond Is The Best?

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Bottom Line Recommendation If you want to know if your diamond is CVD or HPHT, I recommend buying from a reliable seller such as this one, which gives full transparency regarding its lab diamond source. Most sellers try to hide the fact their diamonds are CVD and won’t disclose the source of the diamond to the […]

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