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Yaniv Hadar - Lab Diamonds Review

Yaniv Hadar

Co-founder, Lab Diamonds Review

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Cong La
Cong La
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Well Yaniv I have nothing but praises and gratitude for you. Thank you for all you have done. In the past couple of months constantly sending me samples as well as taking your time to consult on certain concerns I might have. I think all together we looked at over a dozen of diamonds together and finally came to a conclusion of a beautiful 2.12 carat F VS1 couldn't be happier with the cut and clarity. Thank you again!
Nhat-Minh Nguyen
Nhat-Minh Nguyen
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I found Yaniv on a YouTube video. At first I was a bit skeptical that a stranger would help me. However, I filled out the form and within a day he got back to me. After a couple of emails, we determined what budget I was looking for and he was able to help me choose the best diamond I could have. He explained to me what to look for and other characteristics such as fluorescence. I would highly suggest going filling out the form and exchanging emails with him. You have literally nothing to lose. The advice was great and would recommend him to anyone else.
Jesse C.
Jesse C.
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Yaniv helped us find the perfect diamond and setting. He is very knowledgeable and we would highly recommend consulting with Yaniv before buying any ring
Edgar R Diaz Carrion
Edgar R Diaz Carrion
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I came across Lab Diamonds Reviews on Youtube and decided to go to his Facebook page and message him. Yaniv was super pleased to help me and found me the best quality lab diamond he could find. Everything, from the beginning to the end I told him what I wanted, and Yaniv found exactly what I wanted. I greatly appreciate his help and I fully recommend using Lab Diamonds Review for the best advice about your diamonds.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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