James Allen Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | 2024

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Bottom line recommendation I strongly recommend reading the full James Allen review below, however, if you are short on time and want to know if James Allen is legit, here is the bottom line: James Allen has the largest diamond inventory in the world: close to 600,000 natural diamonds and 60,000 lab-grown diamonds You can […]

Blue Nile vs. James Allen: Prices, Selection & Diamond Inspection

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Bottom Line Recommendation If you’re in a hurry, here’s a concise head-to-head comparison of Blue Nile vs James Allen: Inventory: Both retailers boast the largest diamond inventories online. Blue Nile offers over 150,000 GIA-certified natural diamonds and 20,000 GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds. James Allen surpasses this with over 165,000 natural diamonds and 75,000 lab-created diamonds, certified […]

Rare Carat Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | 2024

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Bottom Line Recommendation As a professional diamond buyer, my assessment of Rare Carat is mixed. Recently, Rare Carat changed its business model and joined the big boys’ online competition, along with big names such as Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth. While they have made a significant shift from a price aggregator to a marketplace, this […]

Zales Lab-Grown Diamonds Review: Are they legit? | 2024

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Bottom Line Recommendation Zales lab-created diamonds are overpriced, providing a traditional shopping experience with limited customization. Therefore, I personally recommend to purchase from more reliable and cost-effective retailers such as this one. There is no reason to buy lab-created diamonds from Zales when you can get a much better deal at retailers like Blue Nile […]

Blue Nile Canada 2024: Newbie Buying Guide (Taxes and Fees)

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Quick Overview Blue Nile Canada offers competitive prices, free resizing services and complimentary shipping with varying timeframes. Customers should be aware of import fees & taxes applicable to their province of residence. Blue Nile acts as the ‘Importer of Record’ for Canadian customers simplifying the process by handling taxes and ensuring compliance with customs regulations. […]

Blue Nile Australia 2024: Newbie Buying Guide (Taxes and Fees)

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Quick Overview Blue Nile, in its Australian avatar, brings to the table competitively priced products, a wide-ranging jewelry selection, and unparalleled customer support. Their online shopping journey entails a wide array of customizable options, multiple payment methods, safe shipping, and a complete understanding of import fees and taxes. As part of the checkout process, Blue […]

James Allen Canada 2024: Newbie Buying Guide (Taxes and Fees)

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Bottom Line Here’s the scoop on importing a diamond from James Allen to Canada: The USMCA agreement exempts import duties on goods manufactured in the USA, including Canada. James Allen’s operations are in New York, so no import duty applies. Regular sales taxes, equivalent to those from a local Canadian jeweler, will be applied. James […]

Blue Nile Singapore 2024: Newbie Buying Guide (Taxes and Fees)

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Quick Overview Do take note that when shopping from Blue Nile and importing to Singapore, there’s an 8% GST and a 0.5% insurance fee to factor in. Be aware that couriers might add an additional disbursement fee, which equates to 5% of the ring’s cost, with a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $100. […]

Whiteflash Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | 2024

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My Bottom Line Recommendation Whiteflash’s in house diamonds A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds are the top 1% in the market for light performance. If you get one, it means you are prioritizing brilliance, fire (blue and yellow reflections) and sparkles, and understand that a exceptional quality comes at a premium price. Click here to […]

Brilliant Earth Reviews: Legit or a Scam? | 2024

Bottom Line Recommendation In a nutshell, Brilliant Earth falls short in comparison to competitors like James Allen, particularly when it comes to diamond visualization. Unless you’re seeking a very specific engagement ring unavailable elsewhere, their inventory and diamond videos are not good enough to make a safe purchase (for my taste). For that reason, I […]

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